Percipient helps legal teams process and respond to third party requests for information.

We help manage subpoena processing and compliance.

Percipient helps companies manage third party requests for information including both governmental and litigation subpoenas. We also help government agencies respond to FOIA requests and other requests for public information. From collection through review, redaction and production, we can help.


Features and Capabilities of Percipient's Subpoena Compliance Services:

  • A combination of human review and technology to increase efficiency and accuracy.
  • Custom, documented workflows, reporting and quality control procedures.
  • Identification, redaction and scrubbing of personally identifiable and health information (PII and PHI).
  • Access to project metrics and dashboards to monitor progress and efficiency.

Case Study: To limit strain on internal resources and decrease legal spend, Percipient handles third-party subpoenas for a large, national company. In one matter, the customer received a subpoena in an insurance coverage dispute. After an initial collection of 30,000 potentially relevant documents, Percipient utilized a combination of tech and human review to quickly and efficiently cull the data set. Within a week, we reviewed, processed and produced the responsive documents saving hours of internal resources and thousands of dollars spent on outside counsel.