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“How Many Emails Do I Have to Read Today?!?!?”

image of email iconIt is no secret that email messages represent a good chunk of electronically stored information (ESI) collected, reviewed and produced during electronic discovery. Although there is debate about exact proportions, some estimate that 60% to 80% of ESI collected and produced during e-discovery is email. Regardless of precise numbers, there is no question that the volume of email sent every day is large.


So, just how many emails does a person send and receive in a day?  According to a study conducted by the Radicati Group, on average, business users send and receive 122 emails a day and, by 2019, that number is expected to grow to 126. According to the study, and not surprisingly, email is the most pervasive form of business communication. In 2015, over 205 billion emails were sent each day and that number is growing.


The study also determined that last year there were 2.6 billion email users worldwide and many have multiple email accounts. The Radicati Group predicts that by 2019, a third of the world’s population will use email and the average user will have 2 accounts (well, technically, 1.9 accounts per user, but for the sake of conversation we will round up).


Despite increased use of instant messages, text messaging and social media, email use continues to grow. As noted, email use is strong for business purposes, but also for consumer use too. So, in short, we all send and receive a lot of email. More information about the study may be found here.


Posted on July 5, 2016 in E-Discovery, Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

About the Author

Chad Main is an attorney and the founder of Percipient. Prior to founding Percipient, Chad worked as a litigator in Los Angeles and Chicago. He is a member of the Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program Committee and may be reached at cmain@percipient.co.