Percipient provides end-to-end managed document review services.

From collection to production, Percipient works in conjunction with your legal team to provide efficient, thorough, and effective document review services, freeing up your time and resources.


If your project requires collection of internal documents, we work with your team and IT department to properly understand system architecture and identify potential sources of relevant electronically stored information, or “ESI.” We collect all data and documents or assist with collection efforts to ensure proper chain of custody protocols and defensible collection procedures. We also provide advice and consultation regarding the proper format of documents produced by litigation opponents, subpoena respondents or their e-discovery vendors. We are available to participate in pre-discovery meet and confer conferences or serve as e-discovery liaison to ensure opposing parties produce documents in an optimal format for review.


Once electronic documents and data are collected, we analyze the collection with powerful e-discovery software. This allows us to remove extraneous files that unlikely contain relevant information. Removal of these files saves time and money because rather than reviewing every piece of information collected, only documents that potentially contain relevant information are reviewed. Document review software is also utilized to identify patterns and frequently used terms within the ESI to highlight issues and information that might have otherwise been overlooked. This process is also applied to documents received from opposing parties during discovery. By preliminarily analyzing an opponent’s documents leveraging document review software features (such as automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence), we are able to quickly understand the nature of the documents produced and, in consultation with the trial team, help structure document review efforts for more efficient and thorough results


Once engaged, we work directly with your legal team to thoroughly review and identify relevant and significant documents collected internally or from your adversary. This review process includes coding and tagging documents by issue or subject matter so that they may be quickly retrieved when needed. There is no need to engage legal staffing agencies or legal recruiters because Percipient maintains an up-to-date network of high-quality document review attorneys and staffs reviews only with licensed contract attorneys. We are easily accessible and maintain open lines of communication with your trial team so that all involved are up to date with developments in the case and so that review efforts are properly focused.


After documents are reviewed and identified as being relevant to litigation or responsive to a subpoena or discovery request, Percipient also handles final processing of the documents for production to an opponent or a subpoenaing party. Files can be produced in many formats and with load files for popular e-discovery software such as Relativity, Summation or Concordance.

Case Study: One of the nation's largest construction companies hired Percipient in connection with litigation over a major airport. Despite an initial collection of 1 million potentially relevant documents, through the use of both artificial intelligence and attorney review, working with the company's e-discovery team and outside lawyers, Percipient defensibly reviewed less than 20% of the collection saving the company significant time and money.