We help respond to cyber security incidents and assist with data compliance efforts.


Percipient assists with review of sensitive information involved in data breaches, cyber incident response efforts and helps companies with data compliance programs.

Working with in-house legal and security teams, data breach coaches, and cybersecurity consultants, Percipient reviews data involved in cyber incidents to identify personally identifiable and personal health information (PII & PHI) so that companies may comply with notification regulations and requirements. We also help companies comply with data privacy laws such as the CCPA and GDPR.

Data Review:

Once a data breach or security incident is contained, we leverage both technology and experienced human review to analyze the potentially compromised data. Using automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning coupled with user confirmation we identify sensitive information in the data. Utilizing a combination of technology and experienced data analysts increases review speed and accuracy. We also observe strict quality control measures throughout the review with the use of sampling, technology, and monitoring to ensure accuracy and efficiency.


We provide detailed reports of the data reviewed and persons impacted so that legal and security teams may assess risk presented by the cyber security incident and provide commensurate notification to consumers and relevant government agencies. During the review process we also provide access to review metrics detailing volume, progress, and other relevant data points to assess the effectiveness of cyber incident response plans.

Case Study: A technology company hired Percipient to review thousands of potentially compromised electronic files to identify disclosure of personal financial or health information. Working with the company's outside counsel, Percipient was able to accurately review all records in just a few days. This allowed the technology company to quickly notify the affected customers in compliance with their contracts.

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