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Your Opponent Didn’t Produce Gmail. Just Subpoena Google, Right? Nope.

The Stored Communication Act (SCA) prohibits email service providers from producing the content of email messages in response to subpoenas.

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The Web Page Authentication Dance — A Two Step

Authenticating evidence from the web or social media is often a two-part question: 1) Did it actually appear on the web?; and 2) Who really posted it?

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Why Are You Using Screenshots as Webpage Evidence? (Guest Post)

Webpage screenshots and authenticity problems may be a thing of the past thanks to Page Vault--an app to capture webpages for legal matters.

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Lawyers Beware: You May Have a Duty to Preserve Your Client’s Facebook Rant

Ethics opinion: lawyers may advise clients to make social media post private, but post must not be deleted and must be produced if requested in discovery.

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