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Discovery of Salesforce.com (and SaaS) Data in Civil Litigation

Salesforce.com and SaaS data preservation must be confirmed and attorneys must understand technology to ensure compliance with discovery obligations.

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Does Employer Have a Duty to Preserve Employee’s Personal Cloud Storage

Depending on court, duty to preserve data in employee's personal cloud may arise if employer has "practical ability" access it or a "legal right" to info.

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The Legal Ethics of Cloud Computing & SaaS

When utilizing cloud computing and SaaS, ethical rules require lawyers to protect client confidences and conduct due diligence into cloud services used.

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The Web Page Authentication Dance — A Two Step

Authenticating evidence from the web or social media is often a two-part question: 1) Did it actually appear on the web?; and 2) Who really posted it?

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The Government is Knocking. Prepared to Let ’em In?

If your company is the subject of a government investigation, will it be ready? Some action items to consider before the government comes knocking.

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E-Discovery & Legal Ethics – What to Do About It Part 2: ESI Preservation

Preservation of ESI is examined in this post, the second in a series discussing issues raised in legal ethics opinions regarding e-discovery competency.

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