November 10, 2023

Could it Ever be Legal Malpractice to Not Use AI or other Technology?

If artificial intelligence eventually performs a task better than humans, is it negligence not to use AI for the task? If so, What does this portend for the legal profession? If a lawyer makes a blunder that could have been avoided by incorporating technology into the legal work, could it be malpractice for not using the tech? If a reasonable lawyer would have used technology, does the lawyer's representation of the client fall below the requisite standard of care?
July 9, 2023

Why Legal Teams Should be Agile Like Foxes and Not Defensive Like Hedgehogs

Richard Jolly of Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management explains that many in the legal industry are likely hedgehogs. They are subject matter experts with deep expertise in one area, but in a rapidly changing world, the ability to adapt like a fox is increasingly important.