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Why Legal Teams Should Use Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools permit legal teams to streamline communication, foster transparency and are good for knowledge management.

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Knowledge Management for Law Firms and Legal Departments-Where to Start

Law is perfect for knowledge management. Law firm CKO Vishal Agnihotri says KM is "leveraging critical knowledge at the right time for the right purpose."

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It’s 10pm. Do You Know Where Your Client’s Legal Ops Are?

Law firm awareness of changes to in-house legal operations has been slow to catch on, but outside counsel can only benefit if they start paying attention.

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Time for a Legal Ops Overhaul? Some Places to Start

Legal ops professionals offer tips on where to begin the overhaul of your organization's legal operations workflows and processes.

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Legal Ops – A View From the Frontline

Two heads of legal "ops" for tech companies weigh in about legal operations and discuss the surprises and challenges they encountered after taking the job.

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