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Do I Have to Produce Deleted or Corrupted ESI?

Absent good cause, litigants generally need not produce ESI that is “not reasonably accessible." But, if produced, requesting party may have to pay for it.

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Does the Best Evidence Rule Apply to Text Messages?

Electronic messages may be "writings" subject to Best Evidence Rule requirement of use of originals in litigation. But, there are exceptions to the rule.

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What is a Computer File’s Hash Value?

E-discovery software assigns each file loaded a "hash value" (string of alphanumeric characters) used to identify duplicates and detect changes to the file.

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What is a .pst File?

When e-mail messages are collected for review in litigation, they are often delivered in .pst files, but what exactly are .pst files?

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Lawyers Beware: You May Have a Duty to Preserve Your Client’s Facebook Rant

Ethics opinion: lawyers may advise clients to make social media post private, but post must not be deleted and must be produced if requested in discovery.

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