June 19, 2014

Illinois Supreme Court Rule 201 Amended to Address E-Discovery Proportionality

Amendments to Illinois Supreme Court Rule 201, effective July 1, 2014, are intended to discourage requests for electronically stored information (ESI) that are disproportionate to the […]
May 27, 2014

Must ESI be Organized and Labeled to Correspond to Categories of Document Requests?

With increasing frequency, courts are being asked to compel parties responding to document requests to label electronically stored information (ESI) to correspond to the document requests […]
May 5, 2014

When Must Litigant Provide Computer to Opponent for Examination?

An Ohio appellate decision, Fastners For Retail, Inc. v. DeJohn, examines factors courts consider before compelling production of a litigant’s computer for forensic imaging and search.  […]
April 29, 2014

E-Discovery Costs May Be Shifted to Plaintiffs Only if Undue Burden Shown

Judge Thomas J. Rueter of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania recently considered a motion by Caldera Medical, Inc., a defendant in […]
April 5, 2014
Image for managed review services

What is Managed Document Review?

Although the term “managed document review” is commonly understood to those who frequently deal with e-discovery and legal document reviews, the term may be less familiar […]
March 25, 2014
Image of magnifying glass

Attorneys Must Craft E-Discovery Search Terms With Client Input

A decision from United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida instructs attorneys to seek client input when compiling e-discovery search terms because they […]