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How Much Privilege Review is Required Under a Clawback Agreement?

Clawback agreements are a good way to limit the impact of disclosing privileged information, but even with them, some privilege review is necessary.

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Is it OK to Redact Irrelevant Information in Document Discovery?

Generally, irrelevant information may not be redacted from documents produced in litigation unless it is protected from disclosure under another rule.

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Code of Conduct: Designing Coding Panels for Efficient Document Reviews

Setting up a proper coding panel in document review software may improve the quality and efficiency of a legal document review.

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3 Creative Ways to Reduce Document Review Volume

The first step in reducing document review costs is culling data to include only potentially relevant documents. Here are a few culling techniques we use.

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5 Search Tricks to Increase Document Review Efficiency

Despite advancement in AI and machine learning in document review software, effective search methods are still important for review efficiency.

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