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Production of Plaintiff’s Pain Journal in Original Digital Form Not Required by Fed. R. Civ. Proc. 34(b)

A federal magistrate judge in New Mexico denies a request for a plaintiff's pain journal in native format because it was not requested in its original form.

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E-Discovery Production Format: Opportunity Only Knocks Once

Although often overlooked, many court rules specifically state that litigants are not obligated to produce ESI in more than one form.

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May a Prevailing Litigant Recover All E-Discovery Costs?

According to several court decisions, the only recoverable e-discovery costs are those to convert native ESI to image files and hard copy scanning charges.

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Ten E-Discovery Issues to Address During Rule 26(f) and Other Discovery Conferences

Ten things for counsel to consider when preparing for a FRCP 26(f) or other e-discovery conference and potential topics of discussion for the session.

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Illinois Supreme Court Rule 201 Amended to Address E-Discovery Proportionality

Illinois Supreme Court Rule 201 is amended to discourage e-discovery requests that are disproportionate to the issues or amount at controversy in a case.

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