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Do Attorney Liens Attach to ESI Hosted by E-Discovery Vendors?

Image of DollarAn opinion from the Illinois First District of Court of Appeal, Cronin & Company, LTD. v. Richie Capital Management, LLC, 2014 IL App. 131892-U (unreported), poses interesting questions about attorney liens, client files, e-discovery and the rules of professional conduct. The court in Cronin held that an attorney’s retaining lien attached to electronically stored information (ESI) hosted by an e-discovery vendor.

To read more about the case, check out the guest post on Paul Porvaznik’s Illinois business law blog.



Posted on February 17, 2015 in E-Discovery, Electronically Stored Information (ESI), Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct

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Chad Main is an attorney and the founder of Percipient. Prior to founding Percipient, Chad worked as a litigator in Los Angeles and Chicago. He is a member of the Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program Committee and may be reached at cmain@percipient.co.