We help legal teams tackle legal operations, legal processes, compliance matters and electronic document review


What Is Percipient?

We are a legal technology and services company helping clients tackle legal operations, legal processes, compliance matters and electronic document review. Percipient’s lawyers, data scientists, developers and project managers help clients address legal work with efficiency and accuracy.

Why Choose Us?

Percipient utilizes cutting edge software to augment high quality attorney work. Through the proper use of technology and metrics, Percipient is better able to focus work efforts on efficiency and effectiveness. This greatly reduces time spent by legal and compliance teams on tasks and keeps costs low and predictable.

How are we Unique?

We have a strong grasp of legal technology coupled with many years of actual litigation, in-house legal and data science experience. This affords us a deep understanding of both technology and the performance of legal work. What also sets us apart is our straightforward and easy to understand pricing.



Joe Eliya

Project Manager

Joe is a lawyer with an accounting background. Before entering law school, Joe worked as an analyst for a “Big 4” accounting firm where he assisted with the development of proprietary financial technology systems for tax compliance and financial services. Joe now handles project management duties for Percipient including the processing of ESI, setting up and ingesting data into databases and running production sets after document reviews.

Vaish Palavalli

Head of Forensics and Project Manager

Vaish is a main point of contact for client services. She is responsible for development of internal policies and custom workflows as well as attending to client requests. She is an experienced legal project manager and e-discovery professional with a legal background receiving her JD from the University of Kansas.

Adam Szulczewski

Review Project Manager

Adam Szulczewski is an attorney who specializes in the management of document review projects. After spending the bulk of his legal career representing small- to mid-sized corporations, Adam understands the importance of leveraging technology to improve efficiency and control costs. Adam works directly with Percipient’s clients to effectively manage document review projects from their workflow design to training and quality checking internal review teams. He is also trained on and experienced with multiple e-discovery platforms.

Tom Pearce

Editorial & Content Manager

Tom Pearce, our Editorial and Content Manager, has worn many hats in the past such as Marine, Sales Associate, and Digital Marketing Coordinator before joining the Percipient Team. He has multiple certifications in HubSpot and Google bringing with him the knowledge and passion for marketing.