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Percipient Powered by Technology Efficient & Effective Legal Services


We are a legal technology and services company helping clients tackle legal operations, legal processes and electronic document review.

What is Percipient?

We are a legal technology and services company helping clients tackle legal operations, legal processes and electronic document review. Percipient’s lawyers, data scientists and project managers help clients address legal work with efficiency and accuracy.

Why Choose Us?

Percipient utilizes cutting edge software to augment high quality attorney work. Through the proper use of technology and metrics, Percipient is better able to focus work efforts on efficiency and effectiveness. This greatly reduces time spent by attorneys on legal tasks and keeps costs low and predictable.

How Are We Unique?

We have a strong grasp of legal technology coupled with many years of actual litigation, in-house legal and data science experience. This affords us a deep understanding of both technology and the performance of legal work.  What also sets us apart is our straightforward and easy to understand pricing.



Percipient provides managed document review, e-discovery and legal operations services.


Percipient provides end-to-end managed document review. We work in conjunction with your team to provide efficient, thorough and effective document review services. We free up your time and resources by handling all aspects of an e-discovery document review project from start to finish. Percipient can assist with all review activities including collection, review, analysis and production. Learn more about our managed review services.



Percipient utilizes technology to automate and simplify common legal functions handled by corporate law departments (contract management, NDAs, basic sales and services agreements, deposition summaries, status reports, and the like). By leveraging technology with the right amount of human-assisted review, Percipient provides timely, responsive, high-quality work product to augment corporate legal operations. This frees up legal professionals to focus efforts on important discretionary legal tasks, risk mitigation and maximizing business opportunities.


Percipient’s Legal Operations and Technology Consulting team helps clients optimize legal department productivity, efficiency and legal service delivery by providing strategic consultation and assistance with streamlining operations, maximizing under-utilized technology and implementation of new technologies and legal operation processes.



If you prefer to perform e-discovery tasks in-house, we offer managed services. For a fixed monthly fee, we administer and provide access to e-discovery software in addition to providing a mix of support and services customized to fit your workflows and requirements. We provide as much help and support as you see fit. In essence, with a managed services agreement, Percipient serves as your “outsourced” litigation support department. Learn more about our managed e-discovery services.



Questions?    Contact us here or here:

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