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Percipient Document Review Powered by Technology Efficient & Effective Document Review


Percipient is an e-discovery and legal technology company providing thorough and cost-effective managed document review and managed e-discovery services for attorneys and their clients.

What is Percipient?

We are an electronic discovery (“e-discovery” or “electronic data discovery”) and legal technology company focused on managed document review and managed e-discovery services.  We free up your time and resources by handling all aspects of a document review project including collection, review, analysis and production.

Why Choose Us?

Percipient utilizes cutting edge e-discovery software to augment high quality attorney document review.  Through the proper use of technology assisted review, Percipient is better able to focus review efforts and efficiently identify only the documents and electronically stored information (ESI) that is relevant and important to your case.  This greatly reduces time spent by attorney reviewers and keeps costs low and predictable.

How Are We Unique?

We have a strong grasp of legal technology coupled with many years of actual litigation and electronic discovery experience.  This affords us a deep understanding of document review processes and technology and, although Percipient is a document review company and not a law firm, our experience also affords us a thorough understanding of the law.  What also sets us apart from other e-discovery vendors is our straightforward and easy to understand pricing.


Percipient provides both managed document review services and managed e-discovery services.


Percipient provides end-to-end managed document review. We work in conjunction with your team to provide efficient, thorough and effective document review services. We free up your time and resources by handling all aspects of an e-discovery document review project from start to finish. Percipient can assist with all review activities including collection, review, analysis and production. Learn more about our managed review services.


If you prefer to perform e-discovery tasks in-house, we offer managed services. For a fixed monthly fee, we administer and provide access to e-discovery software in addition to providing a mix of support and services customized to fit your workflows and requirements. We provide as much help and support as you see fit. In essence, with a managed services agreement, Percipient serves as your “outsourced” litigation support department. Learn more about our managed e-discovery services.


Percipient's mission is to utilize technology and efficient processes to provide large scale document review and analysis at a reasonable, predictable and easy to understand price.


Founded in 2014 by Chad Main, a long-time litigator with a national practice based in Los Angeles and later Chicago, Main launched the company after leaving a large Chicago law firm where he managed sizable document review teams in high value cases. The company is founded on the belief that e-discovery and document review should not only be efficient and cost effective, but also a helpful tool that provides lawyers with insight into their cases.


To address e-discovery inefficiencies Main experienced firsthand as a litigator, he assembled a team of both experienced attorneys and technologists. Attorneys who have not only not only tried cases, deposed witnesses, and handled law and motion practice, but also dealt with electronic discovery in complex, high stakes cases. Percipient’s technologists have real-world experience with data science, analytics and technology used to analyze large amounts of data. The team is well versed in process automation and machine learning techniques that save both time and money.


Percipient’s clients include in-house legal departments and law firms of varying size from boutique to the AmLaw 100.


Frequently Asked Questions About Percipient

What does “percipient” mean?

The definition of percipient is “having a good understanding of things; perceptive.”  Source: Oxford Dictionaries


What is e-discovery?

E-discovery (or eDiscovery) is short for “electronic discovery” or “electronic data discovery.” Specifically, e-discovery is the identification, collection, review and ultimately production of electronically stored information (ESI) by one party to another in a lawsuit. Generally, the ESI collected and produced in litigation is electronic documents such as e-mail messages, word processing files and spreadsheets. For a more detailed explanation about the stages of the e-discovery process, visit this page at the EDRM (electronic discovery reference model) website.


What is managed document review?

In short, managed document review occurs when an outside firm or e-discovery vendor manages a document review project on behalf of a party engaged in litigation, subject to a subpoena or conducting an investigation.  Law firms and companies often engage e-discovery companies to manage the document review process and oversee the attorney review teams.  This is known as “managed document review” or “managed review services,” which is part of a larger trend of legal process outsourcing or, LPO.  Managed review companies staff the document review, often provide computer hardware, e-discovery software, facilities to conduct the review and manages the review efforts in conjunction with the attorneys or clients.  The benefit of using an e-discovery vendor or managed review company to assist with review efforts is that they offer expertise and resources that a law firm might not otherwise have, especially smaller to mid-size law firms.  Specifically, managed document review companies and e-discovery vendors are often well-versed in document review workflows and technology that maximize the productivity and efficiency of the document review process.  For a more detailed discussion please take a look at this article explaining managed document review and also this video describing Percipient’s e-discovery and managed review services.


What is Technology Assisted Review and Predictive Coding?

TAR (sometimes referred to as Computer Assisted Review (CAR) or predictive coding), utilizes computer algorithms to identify electronic documents that are similar to other documents. According to the Grossman-Cormack Glossary of Technology Assisted Review, TAR is “[a] process for prioritizing or coding a collection of electronic documents using a computerized system that harnesses human judgments of one or more Subject Matter Expert(s) on a smaller set of documents and then extrapolates those judgments to the remaining Document Population. . . .”


Is Percipient a law firm?

No, Percipient is not a law firm and is not authorized to practice law in any jurisdiction.  Percipient is a legal technology and e-discovery company handling administrative aspects of document review.  When engaged, Percipient becomes part of the team, but as an e-discovery vendor, we provide our services at the direction of our clients or their attorneys.  We work in conjunction with our clients’ trial or legal teams to help analyze information found in electronic documents collected and produced in the discovery phase of litigation. Any licensed attorneys employed by Percipient, LLC, either on a full-time or contract basis, do not provide legal advice while performing services on behalf of Percipient.


Where is Percipient based?  Does the company serve clients throughout the country?

Percipient is a Chicago based e-discovery company, but provides e-discovery services to clients nationwide.


What e-discovery software do you use?

Selection of e-discovery software is made after consultation with the client and often based on case type and size.


Does Percipient utilize both e-discovery software and attorney document review?

Yes, we leverage legal technology and e-discovery software, such as predictive coding (or technology assisted review see above), to increase review efficiency, but every document review also involves licensed attorney reviewers.


Should I use a hyphen when referring to E-Discovery or is it “eDiscovery” or “e discovery”?

Good question.  We like the hyphen, but please use eDiscovery if it makes you more comfortable. In fact, if you want to, call it EDD, or electronic data discovery.


I am an attorney looking for a document review job, how do I submit my resume?

Please submit your resume here.


Where can I learn more about e-discovery?

Take a look at our e-discovery blog and our e-discovery resources page.


I am visiting Chicago soon, any suggestions?

Yes, we really like Bread and Wine, Rosa’s Lounge and Half Acre Beer Company.


Hear any good music lately?




Questions?    Contact us here or via the contact information below.


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Principal office: Chicago, Illinois


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